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Sicily, island part of Italy

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Sardinia , island part of Italy

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explore Italy and get a taste of Italian culture and breath taking scenery from famous monuments to authentic buildings Italy has so much to offer from the colosseum to the Leaning Tower of Pisa . italy is one of top destination ti visit in 2019 [post_grid id=”4629″]

Zakynthos, Greece

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Crete ,Greece

thassos ,Greece

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santorini ,Greece

Greece islands

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2018 best phablets for when your on the go

We all like to do more with  our phones from using the latest software on the go to gaming  on the go. but as phones get more compact the screen size gets more smaller and can have you squinting your eyes for a better picture this can  put a strain on your eyes , that’s…
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Rome, Italy

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Punta Cana Dominician Republic

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